Partnering is Just Like Dating

Partnership relationships between startups, large corporates or non-profits is very much like dating.

You will be amazed by the similarities in the rituals of a couple agreeing to date and the process of getting a large and a small company to agree to work together for mutual benefit.

It starts with seeing or meeting each other… an expression of interest… a drink… establishing points of common interests… and can accelerate quickly to a deep commitment or otherwise…

Unfortunately the power dynamics in this dating ritual inordinately favours the larger company in most cases.

I’m committed to giving startups a bigger say in what should be a relationship of equals. Value is the equaliser.

On this page I will share the things I have learnt that work when startups take a more proactive role in securing partnerships that help increase the reach & impact of their business.

We will share numerous examples of startups that have succeeded and otherwise in securing high-growth corporate partnerships. Some will be startups that we have worked with personally perhaps even yours.

This is a support group for startups who want to do better at dating other organisations for growth.

Startup founders and business development/sales leads in particular would find this page indispensable…

Welcome on board!!!

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