Who do you add value to?

Thinking of partnering with a large company?

Remember, a large company is not a single homogenous entity. It is the sum total of its parts.

It is the sum total of:

ITS EMPLOYEES (which can be subdivided by level, geography, position, department etc);

ITS CUSTOMERS (as a unit and in their sub-segments i.e customers that are teachers, that are farmers, that are in the health sector etc);

ITS SUPPLIERS (meaning all the smaller companies that provide the different components that make up its products or services); and

ITS DISTRIBUTORS (meaning all the companies and individuals that play a role in getting its products and services to customers).

All these different individuals and entities make up the ecosystem of a large company and they are all important to its growth and survival.

The health and wellbeing of each ecosystem part contributes to the overall growth and progress of the large company

In crafting a partnership offer for the large company, think deeply about which part of the company’s ecosystem your startup would add value to and how that value connects to the strategy of the large company for that specific ecosystem segment.

Don’t try to push your value to the entire company. FOCUS on ONE stakeholder segment for starters.

The aim is to get your foot in the door. You can always work with more segments later after you have started dating…

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